The Cute Streets of Cusco

We were supposed to arrive in Cusco March 1st so we would have a whole day to explore it before we left for the Skylodge Adventure Suites March 2nd, however, when we got to the Airport in Lima an hour before the plane was leaving they told us that it was too late and the gate had closed. Unlike everywhere else in the world where it’s normal to arrive an hour before on domestic flights – in Peru it is not, and they said we had to be there TWO HOURS before the plane left on domestic flights. That’s Crazy! We therefore had to get new tickets for the next morning. Since we were leaving so early and the airport is a good hour outside of the city, we decided to stay at the Wyndham Hotel which is right across from the airport. When we got there they said the hotel was full, but that the spa had a overnight option and we could stay there.

So instead of spending the day exploring Cusco, we spent it in the spa; there are worse alternatives.

We arrived to Cusco early the next day. Our Airbnb host let us store the luggage there since we were leaving for Sacred Valley the same day but coming back the next morning. All we had to bring to the Skylodge was a little backpack with a change of clothes and tooth brushes.

We had a few hours in Cusco before they picked us up and got to see the main parts of the city. In doing so we explored the cute and tiny streets, and had some amazing food and drinks at The Meeting Place (where you can take Spanish Lessons and volunteer work if you are ever in Cusco). Peru is known for great food and Cusco has a lot of nice, tasty restaurants! It is definitely the tourist capital of Peru. There were tourists everywhere as well as street sellers, and they would not leave us alone. If you buy something from one person, all of a sudden there will be a line of people trying to sell you something afterwards. Baby Alpaca sweaters, selfie sticks, ponchos, and pictures were among many of the items they were selling.

When we came back from Urubamba after the night at the Skylodge, we ate dinner and then went to the SAS Travel meeting to get ready for our Inka Trail trek the next morning. It was a long meeting so we went straight back to the apartment and packed for our trip. Again, our sweet Airbnb host let us store our bags there for all the four nights we were going to be on the Inka Trail.

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