Skylodge Adventure Suites

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There may not be a more suitable name out there for something than Skylodge Adventure Suites – it was so much fun. When we read about this adventure online, we knew we had to do it. It consists of scaling a mountain and sleeping in a transparent luxury capsule, then zip-lining back down the next day.

These hanging pods are available to book through Airbnb or on We were picked up in Cusco and driven 3 hours to the Sacred Valley where our adventure awaited us. We were 6 in total with the two of us, two Chinese girls, and a Peruvian couple.  Yuber, the Peruvian guy, had only one leg. Turns out, this guy totally rocks and refuses to let his misfortune hold him back.

When we arrived, we looked up at the pods hanging off the mountainside 400 meters above us and wondered how we were going to get up there. We put our harnesses on and listened to the safety speech, and then started our climb up the mountain, via ferrata. You are scaling a mountain and still dealing with heights, but there is a safety line that goes all the way up that you have to constantly connect your clips to. The most intimidating part involved a cable line on the bottom for your feet and another one above for your hands to hold onto. We had to walk across this sideways, covering a gap of about 20 feet while looking out across the valley and the ground 200 meters directly beneath us. One misstep and we would have to rely on the support of our clips to save us. Fortunately, we made it across fine and enjoyed a beautiful sunset the rest of the way up.

Safely in the capsule, we could feel the fatigue in the muscles we weren’t used to using. As we sat there feeling very satisfied with ourselves, we looked across at Yuber, and were so amazed at what he had accomplished and his positive attitude. He had hopped up this mountain on one leg, relying mostly on his upper-body strength to pull him up. Turns out, this guy is a mountain biker and still competes on a normal bike against people with two legs. He is quite an incredible individual. We found out that he lost his leg five years ago while mountain biking. A trailer hit him and just left him there to die. On his Facebook he shares more of his story and attitude towards life: “Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone, the future is not guaranteed.”

Next we were prepared a first class, Peruvian dinner, that even included a bottle of wine from the vineyard we were going to in a week. Full and high on life, we made a small climb down and across (in the dark) to our private capsule – this may have been the scariest part. This was such a treat. Not only could we lay looking at the stars in our transparent capsule hanging off a mountain in the middle of the Sacred Valley, but we were able to do this on a plush, queen size mattress – pure bliss. And not to be too crude, but the best view I’ve ever had while sitting on a toilet – my apologies to the Chinese girls, but I was not hindering my view by closing the curtains. We easily drifted off to one of our best sleeps ever and awoke early to enjoy another fabulous meal for breakfast.

Now time for some effortless fun. The way down consisted of 6 different zip-lines before arriving at the base where we began the adventure. We had a complete blast as we flew through the air taking in the impressive scenery along the way. If you’ve never zip-lined before, you really should try it. It is completely safe and there is absolutely nothing scary about it – it’s only peaceful and fun. Once down, we took some group photos, exchanged emails, and made our way back to Cusco.

Remi Rufai is the Natura Vive’s photographer and took some great photos of us and the experience 🙂

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