Jardín to Calí

To get from Jardín to Cali, we first had to take a two hour bus ride to Riosucio. We knew the road was not paved, but had no idea that the bus we were taking looked more like a carnival train. It was a very long and bumpy ride on an extremely tight road that challenged the edge of the cliff most of the way. However, the views were breathtaking and due to there being no doors, we got a lot of fresh air 🙂 When we got to Riosucio, we had to wait two hours and had lunch at a local spot before we caught the next bus to Cali – a six hour bus ride in the heat without AC. We were only staying one night in Cali before leaving for Quito the next day, and since it was Super Bowl Sunday, and Lucas kept randomly bursting out with “Super Bowl!” throughout the day – that´s all we did in Cali: Got to the hotel, ordered in, and watched the Super Bowl.


2 thoughts on “Jardín to Calí

  1. Tony T'Kach says:

    Would you do the bus trip again? I will be in Jardin and traveling to Cali in July. I don’t know if it’s better to take a bus back to Medellin and fly to Cali or to take the multiple buses. I don’t think either method is going to save me much time.


    • Sheltontravel says:

      Hi Tony,

      We would definitely do the bus trip again. It was such a unique experience and something we will never forget. Just remember to have a jacket and some warmer clothes on, because it gets cold since there is no windows, and maybe bring some lunch/snacks. We stopped half-way to wait for our next bus, but the choices of food there were not great. 🙂


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