We Have Fallen In Love

The one sentence we have kept repeating the past few days: “We don´t have enough time here”.


Medellin View

Have you ever been to a city for the first time and for some unknown reason, immediately fell in love? That’s how it was with Medellín for us. We were picked up from the airport – which I’ve learned my egotistical mind loves getting off a plane and seeing my name held up on a sign – and driven the 50 minutes it takes to actually get into the city. We didn’t mind the ride one bit as we let the lush rolling mountains seduce us. You know that feeling you get when you’ve just arrived home for the first time in a long time? For some strange reason, this is how it felt. The city lies in a valley surrounded my mountains. It was a remarkable sight seeing the vast metropolis from above as we made our way down the mountain into the city. We stayed in an Airbnb apartment (18th floor with incredible view of the city) in the middle of the Poblado area, it was perfect. Poblado is a really nice area where the upperclass of Medellín and tourist reside. There were so many great restaurants to choose from, but we wondered why our driver kept pointing out Burger King, McDonalds, Papa John’s, etc. We’re in Colombia, we want local cuisine! We learned, however, that these are the restaurants that the rich of Medellín eat at – a tragic truth.


Paque Lleras

Medellín is a large city (2nd largest to Bogotá) but it has so much charm. It’s THE city. As I heard a Colombian say, “D.C. is the Capitol, but New York is the city. This is Bogotá and Medellín”. I sometimes even felt like I was in the Soho district of NYC. We spent our evenings around Parque Lleras – a square full of great restaurants, bars, backpackers, and locals alike. Another block up and you’ll find some of the more ”hip” spots. The restaurant, Burdo, was our favorite and made us repeat customers with the best guacamole we’ve ever tasted (Oh, and some pretty tasty old-fashioneds). Parque Lleras is a great place to people watch, as well. And for a Miami rooftop vibe with a sick view of the city, go to Hotel Charlee. It’s a more exclusive place, with a pool, but you might find some pretty good looking models there. And for all the guys out there, if you find yourself in Medellín, you must go to the mall. This may sound strange, but Medellín has some of the most beautiful women in the world, and this is where you’ll find them.

Medellín is such a beautiful and cool city, we just wish we had allowed for more time here.

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