Where We Ate In Bogotá



Oma Restaurant

We had a breakfast a few times at Oma Restaurant, a chain you can find all over Colombia. The food and coffee was good, but we were there mainly for the wifi 😉




Andre DC

Andre Carne de Res is a huge restaurant / Nightclub which is very popular. It´s really noisy and full of people and music. Everywhere I read and people I have talked to say to go here. The original Andre Carne de Res is an hour outside of Bogotá, in Chia, but we went to Andre DC because it was a lot closer to our Airbnb, in Zona T. This is one of the more expensive places we have been to so far, but the experience was worth it.




Crepes and Waffles

After we went for breakfast here we got really upset that we had not gone there before. The food is amazing and there is sooo much to choose from. I never knew you could put so many different types of food in a crepe.








La Puerta Real

Down a very colourful and local street where you can find the younger people of Bogotá sitting with a joint or drinking a beeri, we found a hidden gem: La Puerta Real. If you are looking for the typical dishes found especially in Bogotá, then this is it!

And the price is nice too 😉


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