Güímar & Candelaria

The bike ride into the city of Güímar was definitely atop the highlight reel. We were far above the city and had a great view of the entire city from the mountain above. This was the part we were waiting for, and the race was on. We blazed down the smoothly paved, curving road, picking up more and more speed. It was the most thrilling part of the bike trip, but also the most dangerous. With the mountains to our left filled with paragliders and steep cliff down to the ocean on our right, there was plenty to be distracted by. We made it down with no problems – aside from a cramping hand from holding the brake – and reached our home for the night, Hotel Rural Finca Salamanca, with a glass of champagne waiting on us. It was a first class place with breathtaking views and an incredible restaurant.

The rest of the evening was spent exploring the cute, Spanish city. We were also able to see the pyramids, which provides great reason to believe that communication existed between other groups across the oceans.

Our last day was short and sweet – only a 30 minute ride to Candelaria where Bike Point picked up our bikes. Our endpoint was at the town square right by the ocean, with a beautiful cathedral as the centerpiece and 9 statues of the aboriginal kings of Tenerife. We enjoyed a seaside lunch and then a stroll through the city with some ice cream.


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