Granadilla & Hotel Rural Senderos de Abona

After a really hard day of biking up hills, we weren’t really expecting anything more than just some form of a bed to lie down on – little did we know how much our hotel and the cozy city of Granadilla had to offer.
Hotel Rural Senderos de Abona is one of the most tranquil places I have ever been to. Just to walk through this magnificent garden cut right out of the heart of mid-century Spain is an experience like no other. Had it not been for a couple of cars you occasionally heard in the distance, I would have sworn that I had traveled back in time. I literally laid in a hammock hung between two, of many, orange trees listening to the birds sing their songs as they navigated their way through the maze of branches overhead. To pacify my hunger while waiting for dinner after an exhausting day, I ate orange after orange from the trees above me, which were easily the best oranges I’ve ever tasted. At one point I thought I might make a new friend, but turns out it was only a parrot creeping overhead. Relaxing there in the cool, crisp air miles away from any worry or responsibility, I was at peace. In fact, the only thing that prevented me from drifting into a coma were three sparrows that came whizzing past my head at one point (and to think I was worried about the parrot pooping itself).

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