Tour de Tenerife

On Sunday we decided to leave our perfect piece of paradise in Tenerife to embark upon a gruelling, 3-day bike excursion. We covered a total of 55 miles reaching a highest altitude of 2,500 feet above sea-level. It was an exhausting journey, but one that rewarded us with so much.

We rented the bikes and equipment at Bike Point – Las Americas. The equipment was excellent and the service was outstanding!

Day 1: Las Americas to Granadilla

This was by far the most difficult day, and a learning experience since we are not veteran bikers or have ever used clipless bike pedals. Clipless pedals consists of wearing special shoes that lock your feet to the pedal. To get your foot out, you sort of push/twist your foot violently upwards. This took some getting used to and we may or may not have had some awkward tip-overs when we couldn’t get our feet out.

We climbed over 2600 feet in 15 miles, up the mountain the entire way. Not sure we knew our thighs could burn so badly. But the burn wasn’t the part the got us. Oh, no. The worst part is sitting on that tiny bike seat for nearly 5 hours when you aren’t exactly used to it. And the thin butt pad in the bike shorts just doesn’t quite provide the comfort needed. However, we pushed through and made it to our first stop in the town of Granadilla – and what a relief that was. We were rewarded with such a unique place, Hotel Rural Senderos De Abona. It was one of the most tranquil places we had ever been to.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 18.44.18.png


Day 2: Granadilla to Güímar

With cramping thighs and a very tinder bottom, we got ready for the second day, which covered twice the distance as the first. First mission for me, however, was finding a thicker butt pad. I found an old, plastic float tube, cut off a piece, and shoved it down my spandex. Not exactly comfortable either, but it did lessen the blow from the sharp seat a bit. This was a long and difficult day with tired legs, but it was absolutely beautiful.

We made our way 30 miles up and down the curvy roads cut out of the mountainside, passing through occasional Spanish villages, feeling so far removed from the tourist districts of Tenerife. We met (or were surpassed by) many other bikers  in this region as it is a good training spot for professionals. This stretch of road was especially fun because your efforts were rewarded when you effortlessly flew down the hills, hugged the sharp turns, and raced to see the next breathtaking view.

Expecting a hole in the wall hostel, we were once again surprised to reach another beautiful hotel in the hillside of Tenerife: Hotel Rural Finca Salamanca. We visited a museum and The Pyramids of Güímar before we ended the night with an amazing dinner.



Day 3: Güímar to Candelaria

The last day was a piece of cake. The only difficult part was navigating through the city, but fortunately for us, Tore and Signe did an excellent job leading us all trip. We reached Candelaria by noon and enjoyed a nice, beachside lunch in the town square. It was a cozy city with a lot of colorful culture. We highly recommend visiting if you are ever in Tenerife.

We want to thank Signe and Tore for being great tour guides and planning a really unique experience. They are the real super-bikers. While we were huffing and puffing, they were blowing past us, and Tore did it pulling their daughter, Olava, the entire way in a bike wagon!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 23.26.45.png



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