Touchdown Tenerife


Arriving to the beautiful warm weather of Tenerife was the perfect way to begin our trip. We were afforded the great luxury of staying at a perfect property right in the heart of the city. In fact, it was quite difficult to tear ourselves away from the privacy of our backyard pool and great views of both the ocean and the mountain. We also had some pretty great roommates as it was really good to see our precious niece, Olava, and Signe, Tore, and of course Big Papi Jone.


We enjoyed our relaxing days there with walks down the boardwalk, tanning and reading by the pool, nice dinners, and satisfying breakfasts prepared by our hosts. One dinner included a great hibachi grill, Miishi Sushi Club, where we enjoyed our fresh selections prepared right in front of us and then straight to our plates. It was a very fun experience and a great way to enjoy some fresh seafood. El Molino Blanco was a great Spanish restaurant that provided our other superb dinner with shrimp avocado, rack of lamb, roasted duck, and cabrito (roast goat), just to name a few on the lineup. We highly recommend this restaurant for an exquisite dining experience.



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