When All Else Fails: Travel!

After a long, beautiful romance in America, we were married in Nashville, TN and then decided to move to the Kingdom of Norway to start our new home together. Simple enough, right? After all, love always prevails. However, not quite so easy with the Norwegian bureaucracy. After being denied multiple attempts of trying to get legal stay in Norway longer than a tourist visa, we have decided do some travelling as an extra long honeymoon…bummer. When you don’t have a home, you might as well get in touch with some nomadic roots.

You may or may not know how the weather is on the West Coast of Norway in the winter. When I think of Norway, I think about the sheer, beautiful mountains strategically separated by magnificent fjords; a postcard. Well the winter is when Norwegians have to “pay the piper”. It’s cold, dark, the wind blows like mad, hails, snows, and rains all the while. Coincidentally, we have decided to start our journey on the Canary Islands in Tenerife, where the sun always shines.

– Lucas & Hanna


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